Wendy has written and directed over 40 short films which have shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, Channel 101, LA Riot Festival and Youtube. Her films are funny and quirky with a timeless retro fashion. Clients have compared her to Wes Anderson in style and comedy. 


Wendy’s love for the cinematic medium of shorts and features caught the eye of H&M’s sister company, &OtherStories. They wanted a film combining her sensibilities with the fashion worlds’ style and romance. Wendy flew to Paris and shot her first short fashion film Rendez-Vous &Otherstories. It was featured on Vogue.fr and Hunger.tv. 


Now, with her debut feature film BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS coming to theaters in Summer 2019, Wendy is taking her craft into the commercial world adding her scripted stories of satire and unique beauty to the typical fashion film and Brands who want to be innovative and out there like Vitamin Water and KFC. 

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